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The United States will finally rule on anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese aluminum alloy sheets.

2018-11-09 13:38:48 EAST UNITED ALUMINUM LTD

The US Department of Commerce is expected to finalize an anti-dumping and countervailing duty of 96.3%-176.2% on ordinary aluminum alloy sheets in China.

This decision marks the final ruling of tariffs by the United States in the double-reverse investigation initiated by the government for the first time since 1985. The Trump administration has promised to promote trade law enforcement by allowing the Ministry of Commerce to initiate more double-reverse investigations on behalf of the private sector.

However, sources said that the final ruling on anti-dumping and countervailing duty rates for aluminum alloy sheets was lower than the initial ruling rates for April and July. At that time, it was between 198.4% and 280.46%.

The US ruling on tariffs imposed on China's ordinary aluminum alloy sheets will depend on the final injury ruling that the US International Trade Agency (ITC) is scheduled to make on December 20.

News Date: Nov.9,2018    Reported by Vanessa

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