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Shanghai Aluminum or return to bear market

2018-10-17 09:44:00 EAST UNITED ALUMINUM LTD

The supply of domestic mines continued to tighten due to the policy, inhibiting the production of alumina, and the production of superimposed overseas factories was disturbed. The price of alumina in the third quarter rose sharply. Then, after being suppressed by the negative, the price turned downward.

1:Some alumina plants increase the ratio of imported ore

2:Raw material supply problem has been solved

3:Appreciable capacity in the fourth quarter

At present, domestic alumina production has rebounded due to the release of new capacity and the recovery of production capacity in the previous period. The foreign production has also stabilized after the recovery of the Heidel alumina plant, and the fall in alumina prices is inevitable. And with the fall in alumina prices, aluminum prices are likely to return to bear markets.

News date : Oct 17th, 2018        Reported by vanessa

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