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South Korea's bottle cans have gradually expanded

2018-10-16 17:26:53 EAST UNITED ALUMINUM LTD

     According to data from the Korea Can Industry Association, the total sales of aluminum cans in the Korean canning industry in 2017 was 6.159 billion, a significant increase year-on-year, while the sales of steel cans in the same period were only 679.3 million. Among the canning companies in Korea, only Lotte Aluminum has the only steel can production line. In particular, beer cans made in Korea are produced only in aluminum. In addition to some coffee cans, most of the beverage cans are made of aluminum cans. Just 10 years ago, the sales volume of steel beverage cans in Korea was 2.469 billion, and the sales volume of aluminum cans was only 1.989 billion.

     The reversal of the beverage can market was mainly affected by a number of factors, including the large replacement of the production line in the canning industry, the increased consumer preference for aluminum cans, and the steady supply of Korean aluminum cans.

     In fact, steel cans can be reused compared to other containers such as aluminum cans, and the recycling cost is low, and the manufacturing energy consumption is only 674 kcal per can, which is much lower than the level of 991 kcal of aluminum cans. However, in recent years, the price of aluminum has fallen all the way, reducing the cost of the can manufacturing industry. Therefore, the canning industry has gradually adopted aluminum cans instead of steel cans. Not only that, but as more users begin to accept the new concept of bottle can, this creates an excellent opportunity for the promotion of aluminum.

    Experts in the canning industry in Korea believe that the increase in the use of aluminum cans means that the level of recycling and recycling is increasing. Not only in South Korea, but also around the world, the value of recyclable is of concern. The importance is self-evident. . As more and more can-making enterprises gradually adopt new equipment to eliminate old equipment, the aluminum can production line has become the mainstream. It is believed that the proportion of aluminum in the beverage can market will further increase in the future.

News Date: October 16th, 2018    Reported by Maggie.

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