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The United States insisted on re-imposing tariffs and lost public opinion and hurt the market.

2018-09-19 09:23:52 EAST UNITED ALUMINUM LTD

On September 17, local time, the White House announced that it will impose a 10% tariff on about $200 billion of Chinese exports to the United States from the 24th, and will further increase the tax rate to 25% from January next year. In recent months, the US government has frequently waved trade protectionism in spite of strong international and domestic opposition. The previous tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products and about 50 billion US dollars of Chinese goods have already attracted criticism from domestic and foreign public opinion. For this time, the United States and abroad public opinion still criticizes the voice constantly.

News Date:Sep 19th,2018       Reported by Vanessa

Source: Guangming Daily

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