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Ministry of Commerce: If the United States is willing to implement 200 billion tariffs, China will have to make necessary counter-measures.

2018-09-11 10:01:38 EAST UNITED ALUMINUM LTD

Gao said that after the US announced that it intends to impose tariffs on China's 200 billion US dollars in imported goods, China has announced on August 3 a counter-measure against the import of about 60 billion US dollars of goods from the United States to strengthen tariffs. The list of commodities has been announced. The US side will go its own way. China will take necessary counter-measures in accordance with the actions of the US side. At the same time, China will pay close attention to the various impacts brought about by this and take effective measures to help Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises operating in China overcome difficulties. Gao stressed that China has the confidence, ability and means to maintain the stable and healthy development of the Chinese economy.

News Date: Sep 11th, 2018   Reported by Vanessa.

Source from: Global Times

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