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Shanghai aluminum shock will run weakly in the short term

2018-09-07 15:39:22 EAST UNITED ALUMINUM LTD

The original implementation of the 200 billion tariff implementation results announced on Thursday has not yet been officially released, the market sentiment is slightly pessimistic, and Shanghai aluminum shocks weakened. According to SMM domestic consumption of aluminum ingot inventory statistics, on September 6th, the total inventory of aluminum ingots consumed was 1.714 million tons, down 33,000 tons last Thursday. With the continuous decline in spot inventory and the improvement of consumer demand in the later period, or the formation of favorable support for aluminum prices. In the short term, the macro atmosphere is weak, and the Shanghai aluminum trend is greatly affected by macro factors and is awaiting further confirmation from the macro. It is expected that the Shanghai aluminum shock will run weakly in the short term.

News Date:September 7th, 2018         Reported by Doreen

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