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Trade war slows global manufacturing expansion

2018-08-03 13:53:37 EAST UNITED ALUMINUM LTD

Recently, some countries in the United States, Europe and Asia have successively released manufacturing indices. In most countries, the manufacturing expansion rate has slowed down. Although the overall economic situation is still performing well, the shadow of trade friction has not been long-term, and the negative impact will still appear.

Manufacturing expansion and cooling

According to data released by the American Institute of Supply Management on August 1, the growth rate of US manufacturing growth in July was greater than expected. Among them, the new order index fell to a low of 60.2 since May 2017. Most of the sub-indices have this month. Slowed down.

Economic growth is still worry free

Although the manufacturing expansion has begun to slow down, the global economy as a whole is still growing. The International Monetary Fund recently said that global economic growth is still strong, but the growth rate has begun to be flat.

Adverse effects will gradually emerge

At present, the global economy is still on the track of growth, but the imbalance has intensified. In the future, if the shadow of trade war is difficult to eliminate, the impact on manufacturing in countries including the United States will become more and more obvious.

NEWS DATE: August 3,2018       Reported by Vanessa.

Source from: Economic reference 

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