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EU State Public Opinion: The US-European Trade Joint Statement is an impossible task

2018-07-31 10:30:40 EAST UNITED ALUMINUM LTD

US President Trump and European Commission President Juncker held a meeting on the 25th to ease the US-European trade friction and issued a joint statement. Almost all mainstream Italian media believe that the content of this statement is too ambiguous and ambiguous, indicating that the United States and Europe No way to fundamentally resolve trade frictions has been found. In particular, the EU’s intention to import more soybeans and natural gas from the United States mentioned in the statement is doomed to be impossible.

The German media also noted the consequences of the United States’ desperate trade war. Deutsche Welle said: Some American companies have begun to feel the negative consequences of Trump's trade policy, and multinational companies with global chains are the first to bear the brunt and suffer a double blow.

News Date: 31th July, 2018.  Reported by Vanessa

Source from: Guangming Daily

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