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The Rusal incident disrupted the market, the aluminum prices rose and fell again

2018-07-26 11:37:38 EAST UNITED ALUMINUM LTD

According to the latest news, in the second quarter, alumina prices went from high to low. In April, Brazil's Hydro plant was shut down at a capacity of 3 million tons and Rusal was fermented by US sanctions. As a result, alumina prices in overseas markets soared, driving domestic alumina prices to rise sharply. After that, the overseas alumina price quickly fell back and returned to the conventional price level. Domestic alumina also went down all the way after lack of export support. At present, the domestic average price is around 2,800 yuan/ton. Considering that the profit of alumina enterprises is greatly compressed at this stage, the probability of raw material prices remaining stable is high unless the cost side continues to decline.

 News Date: 26th July, 2018.  Reported by Doreen

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